StephAlicia Collection F/W 2020

behind the scenes look at StephAlicia Designs photoshoot

This collection comes from my mind, my heart & my soul. A dream that I have had since the day I found an old picture of my mother in a dress she designed while she was in a Fashion Design program. The fabric was picked out of many choices that came straight from Delhi, India. The very same manufacturing company that helps the designer Ollari's dream continue to grow. I wanted to be able to create something that would show the most beautiful inspiration I have received over the years. I am a huge fan of Chanel, DKNY & Zac Posen. My designs may not be completely similar to the styles of these brand names but to see the creations that their minds can produce is an absolute inspirational push. It may of taken many years to get my feet off the floor, but I finally did it & I am very proud of myself. I encourage anyone with dreams as strong as mine to move forward with a positive mind set while pushing yourself with continued faith as that is what will help everything come into place.

I am now only holding one desire.....which is seeing someone I wouldn't know in a StephAlicia Design.  


If you have yet to see the video of the ALICIA BLOUSE in action (on the boutique's homepage) please take a moment & look at Instagram reel & the many amazing ways it can be worn styled by the BBliss featured model Erica: Watch Alicia Blouse Now