Make-A-Wish Campaign

Let’s make dreams become real!

Are you a fan of Boom 97.3? I know I sure am and I love how every year they send a huge amount of donations to make a child’s dream come true. As this year and also last year of 2020 is/has been rough on all, just imagine all the dreams that where not able to become real. That is is why I have decided to donate 50% of the proceeds for the Bella Dresses (both colours) in the StephAlicia Collection to benefit Make-A-Wish Toronto & Central Ontario.

Direct links to the Bella Dresses:

  Make-A-Wish GOAL

Here at Bodacious Bliss Boutique the goal is to hit on a yearly basis $1000 or more!! When this amount is sent to the radio station Boom 97.3 during the Christmas season it is matched and donated at the higher amount.

Total as of May 2021:
Regular sale $10.40 / Bella Dress $0.00