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Hi Beauties,

I wanted to write and say its been a while but eventually I’ll be able to show the world more of my mind set….aka my designs. For now it’s just a waiting game as I have found due to the pandemic it’s just not a fast process. I had submitted ideas to be made in time for June but my manufacturing company is located in Delhi, India (they honestly have the most amazing fabric there, its worth it getting designs made from India) and they had gotten hit hard with the pandemic. 

The decision was to put the production that hadn't started on hold. I sit here very very impatient just wondering when things can begin. After all it took exactly 37 years to get my feet off the ground. A push that I had to give myself. 

I just have to be patient and keep my hopes up for when the process can officially begin. I am doing that, and you all have to wait to see the finishing product. Think of the colour Navy Blue and Viscose fabric, breathable and bold.....while you do that, I will continue shopping for new items to bring in for fall. I am thinking nude colours with dark. Browsing tans and blacks and greys as I think those are great fall basic colours that can be worn all year round. It would be great to add more pieces to the BBXO collection and feature Erica again as our top model, bringing Mckenzie and Maureen (my absolute amazing mother) back together to bring everything to life. I also need to focus on adding more plus size selection. That can be so pricey but its something needed. 

Shopping for the store is so much fun, its like shopping for myself BUT I am shopping for others. Don't get me wrong its a lot of money (which I don't have) and a lot of time. I am constantly adding to cart then removing and looking for prices more affordable, but have to be made of great quality fabric. It can be frustrating as well, because I see prices and think "how in the world is that skirt costing so much?!". I just want to be able to have a variety of prices that make sense to my customers. 

I also have been creating from scratch items to add to my very own line StephAlicia. Cutting out pieces all hand drafted, basically without a templates. I wanted to be able to do everything by free hand take a chance and see what I can create. I haven't sketched exactly what it would be but I do know it will be exactly what I want it to be. 

Picking out the fabric is exciting. Especially when its fabric bought from a Canadian based company. I want to be able to support as many small business as I can, as I am too a small business always looking for support. That's where all the jewelry pieces are from now, all the custom made. They are from small businesses :) ....This is my dream and it is very much so theirs as well. 

This process of making from scratch new items may be taking me sometime to complete only because like stated I am creating by "free hand" and I need to make sure it all comes together well. It will be three tops, two sleeveless and one with very short cap sleeves. Waists that have a tie, cowl neck, straight square neck etc. Colours of white, rosy pink and black. Keeping it edgy and girly all together in one. Also I must add will be very limited pieces in stock. 

....ahhhh life....dreams we have and the things we do to make it all become reality.

I am hoping you all will enjoy everything I create when its complete, as it’s something I will have made personally from my heart. Also enjoy what I picked out for the store's BBXO collection.

For now I bid you adieu and ask ever so kindly SHARE my posts from Instagram or Facebook or even from the store's product pages. Share as much as possible. Help my dream really become real. 


With love,



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