The StephAlicia Collection

The StephAlicia Collection

Today marks a very exciting adventure for me. I am finally able to show the world what my mind can create.

In life sometimes it’s best to walk on your path at the speed that you yourself can handle. It’s all about patience and positivity that will allow dreams and goals to succeed.

I have been sketching for years (recently learning to sew as well all over again) and never have I stopped. Well maybe for a few months here and there but I could pick up a pencil and just draw away like I never stopped. I don’t know what I will draw or how I will draw it, my mind just creates without a thought. It’s always been strange as if when I am bored with nothing to do is when my designs come to life on paper.

With the amazing help of many people after years of doing research on how I would go about making it come to life, my day is finally here. StephAlicia designs is finally being launched and sold on this online boutique. A dream that has become reality....

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