Something New

In life we take steps towards the right path but there are always obstacles that you come across that, you have to find a way to overcome. Today we embark on a new journey that will be shown to the world Jan 1st. 2022.

Some of my dearest customers received insight on what is happening and there was amazing feedback. Which made things even more exciting. 

What to expect? 
For starters a brand new name. We are now “To Be Bliss by StephAlicia”. This change came about as I am pretty sure the word Bodacious was hard to pronounce for some so it made sense to remove the adventure meaning.

Another thing you will notice is the logo and the look of our social pages plus website. 
The focus is completely on customizing for YOU the customer. To also focus on the brand StephAlicia accessories.

Ummmm I think that is all I will explain for now…..if you’d like to know more you just have to follow us on Instagram @shoptobebliss to see the latest updates shared in our stories. 

Oh and one last thing! We will be giving away FREE HANDBAGS for a limited time on the first five customers!! And yes shipping is completely FREE!!!! 

Talk soon loves!


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