Wishes CAN come true!

Wishes CAN come true!

As soon as the pandemic made changes in our lives I have been working from home for my regular full time job (as many of us have). Instead of keeping the tv on in the background I’ve always decided to keep the radio playing tuning into the station Boom 97.3.

This is by far one of the best stations to listen to especially in the mornings when Stu Jeffries is on. He has such a positive attitude that it’s charming and perfect to start your day.

Well one day as I was sitting here I heard him talk about the Make-A-Wish campaign he does every year where he will match the donations during the holiday season. He reminded me that all these children with critical illnesses have not had any wishes come true. It made me think...wow our world is so focused on the numbers for covid (basically anything and everything to do with Covid) that it never dawned on me the children who haven’t been able to smile. It broke my heart that I never even thought of them.

That is why I have decided that it’s my time to play a role. I want to be able to help out every year. In order to make this possible it involves the help from you and the Bella Dresses.

I decided to donate half the proceeds from the Bella Dresses because they are the first ever dresses in my line. They have a holiday feel to them and are fun and girly. They also are the most costly items in my personal line and let’s face it, it just made sense.

If we can make a difference together to make a child smile then I know we have played a big part in helping this world spread more love, joy and positivity.


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