Favourites Collection

Favourites Collection

Due to recent events unfortunately the Favourites Collection will no longer be onsite by November the 1st 2020. This decision has been in thoughts for a while because as the owner of Bodacious Bliss Boutique I just do not have control over this collection. 

I am very well aware how popular a lot of the items are in this collection due to the stunning looks but this is a “just for you” boutique. In order to continue making your experience here joyful it’s best to have items I can control and also offer refunds and exchanges on. 

The Favourites is the only Collection that ships from overseas. With COVID in our world the delivery time is not controlled, items are lost and wrong sizes are sent with refunds being unavailable. That is not a good experience for our customer....YOU. If there are items that you like the most in this collection there is the option still on the table for this boutique to wholesale from these vendors. 

Please leave any comments below, if you have questions or concerns. 


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