Exciting new adventure awaits....

Exciting new adventure awaits....

In our world of fashion it’s amazing how one choice can be the most exciting thing ever. This month there are so many behind the scene “choices” that will expand the boutique into a more beautiful adventure to explore. 

BBXO will be opening the doors to a few new brands including the most amazing OLLARI. If you haven’t heard of Ollari I just don’t know what to say...This is a designer with a mind of a true creative soul. She creates not only for the comfortable style but also for the unique fashion trends that are not seen on a regular. The fabric choices are priceless in many ways as well as the style, that the product just grabs your attention. I am continuously intrigued and inspired by her designs on a daily basis. 

This is the most super exciting expansion and I can’t wait to share with you!!! 


PS. With Ollari on hand BBXO will be celebrating by giving away a free gift with purchase. 

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