Bundle & Save

I believe the Bundle & Save sale for August was a great idea. Its wonderful when you get an option for two items at the price of one. As a female....its always a plus when it comes to shopping. 

This sale was something I had in mind for a while but was not completely sure how I would approach it and what items to pick. In the end it came to the decision to choose items that come from the same warehouse so they will at least ship together. Also the fact these are items that SHIP MUCH FASTER then items in the Favourites collection (that's another thing, I am aware that not many know but faster shipping items are in the Ollari collection as they ship from right here in Canada. The bundle deal items ship from overseas but they and I have a very good relationship to always please YOU). 

Bundle & Save may be ending at the end of the month, but I think bringing it back every holiday would be a grand idea. 


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