BBXO is as REAL as can be!

BBXO is as REAL as can be!

A new chapter has opened for Bodacious Bliss and that is the fact that it’s time to represent the company with models who fit the part.

Recent changes have been inspired by small business owners. Yes that would include selfies, virtual try on’s, etc. It makes sense as to be an owner of an online store it’s best to show how real your store is, as well as how real you yourself are. It could be a challenging path especially taking pictures on your own - which is where I am now going to throw in an apology for all my beginner photos being posted. They may not be perfect but they are a start and that is all that matters - as you don’t know the right poses or background to use.

The Bodacious Bliss trademark name will now be on the lower left hand side of the photograph of the product. That will be the moment you know I am a real human being! 🖤



Ps. Please leave a comment or two of ideas on poses and backgrounds. Anything that could be used around the house.

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