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B Bliss

Have you ever wondered why your dreams have yet to become true? Like becoming that successful doctor, or that famous actress or even that recognizable theatrical artist…. that well-known lawyer…. that wealthy fashion designer…….

Life has so many obstacles along our paths that for some, dreams can come true in the matter of days, weeks or even months. For others it could possibly take on many years for anything to even happen to make it possible.

I have a dream and that is to be a Fashion Designer, basically anything in the field of Fashion. I have had this dream since I was in high school, but to be honest I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Therefore, I never made it a major priority. I know in my life things will happen when the time is right even if my path ends up looking extra long.

Today I am here as the owner of Bodacious Bliss Boutique. A store I created April 2019, which I placed on pause just a few months later. It was a decision due to the fact I just didn’t have time, though today at the age of 37 I have the time to pursue and continue pursuing making my dreams come true. This online boutique is because I wanted to create a store where I could show of my designs and also be able to live the other part of my passion as a buyer. Fashion is very close to my heart. This store is created for Y O U and I hope you enjoy every moment exploring what we have in stock.


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