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Wishes CAN come true!

As soon as the pandemic made changes in our lives I have been working from home for my regular full time job (as many of us have). Instead of keeping the tv on in the background I’ve always decided to keep the radio playing tuning into the station Boom 97.3. This is by far one of the best stations to listen to especially in the mornings when Stu Jeffries is on. He has such a positive attitude that it’s charming and perfect to start your day. Well one day as I was sitting here I heard him talk about the Make-A-Wish campaign he does every year where he will match the donations during the holiday season. He reminded me that...

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The StephAlicia Collection

Today marks a very exciting adventure for me. I am finally able to show the world what my mind can create. In life sometimes it’s best to walk on your path at the speed that you yourself can handle. It’s all about patience and positivity that will allow dreams and goals to succeed. I have been sketching for years (recently learning to sew as well all over again) and never have I stopped. Well maybe for a few months here and there but I could pick up a pencil and just draw away like I never stopped. I don’t know what I will draw or how I will draw it, my mind just creates without a thought. It’s always been...

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Favourites Collection

Due to recent events unfortunately the Favourites Collection will no longer be onsite by November the 1st 2020. This decision has been in thoughts for a while because as the owner of Bodacious Bliss Boutique I just do not have control over this collection.  I am very well aware how popular a lot of the items are in this collection due to the stunning looks but this is a “just for you” boutique. In order to continue making your experience here joyful it’s best to have items I can control and also offer refunds and exchanges on.  The Favourites is the only Collection that ships from overseas. With COVID in our world the delivery time is not controlled, items are...

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Bundle & Save

I believe the Bundle & Save sale for August was a great idea. Its wonderful when you get an option for two items at the price of one. As a female....its always a plus when it comes to shopping.  This sale was something I had in mind for a while but was not completely sure how I would approach it and what items to pick. In the end it came to the decision to choose items that come from the same warehouse so they will at least ship together. Also the fact these are items that SHIP MUCH FASTER then items in the Favourites collection (that's another thing, I am aware that not many know but faster shipping items are...

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Today marks the day of new beginings!

As we expand in this industry its always exciting when a new member joins the team!! That's where right here right now I would like to formally introduce you to our stunning new featured MODEL the one and only Noelle. Noelle comes to us from North Carolina, with an amazing personality and such a beautiful aura. She has been modelling for two years now, even walked the NEW YORK fashion week runway in the spring of cool is that?!!!  If Noelle was not modelling she would be a bodybuilder competitor as that was her other dream to pursue. In her spare time she paints portraits, watches the show The Office (continuously re-watching) and spends numerous time with her rescue dog...

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